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  1. MelcoLanhams Privacy Policy protects all MelcoLanhams Rewards Members details. Copies of our Privacy Policy are available upon request.
  2. Only registered members of ‘MelcoLanhams Rewards Program’ shall accrue benefits for that program.
  3. Entitlements accrued under the program are not transferable to any other person.
  4. MelcoLanhams Rewards Points accrue at variable rates depending on the product purchased.
  5. Rewards in the form of $25 MelcoLanhams Rewards Vouchers, will be mailed to customers who have accrued $25 or more of unredeemed points by the end of each collection period.
  6. Collection periods are usually every month but may vary at MelcoLanhams discretion.
  7. MelcoLanhams Rewards Vouchers are valid for 2 months from the date stated on the voucher.
  8. Some products may be considered exempt at MelcoLanhams discretion.
  9. MelcoLanhams Rewards Points only accrue on sales where the MelcoLanhams Rewards Member card is used for the purpose of the transaction. As details cannot be entered retrospectively the card must be produced prior to the transaction commencing.
  10. MelcoLanhams Rewards Points shall be deducted from the cardholder’s account in the event that prior transactions are returned for credit, or if the cardholder redeems points against a transaction.
  11. MelcoLanhams Rewards Points only accrue on qualifying cash sale transactions where you use cash/cheque/credit card/debit card for the transaction.
  12. MelcoLanhams Rewards Points accrue to the following qualifying transactions only:
    a. Normal shelf priced item
    b. Sale items advertised to the public at large
    i. (either in store or media)
    c. Catalogue items
    d. Clearance lines where advertised to the public at large
    ii. (Either in store or media).
  13. MelcoLanhams Rewards Points cannot be earned in relation to any trade priced or other special (quoted) priced transaction, or from the purchase of gift vouchers.
  14. MelcoLanhams Rewards Points do not accrue and cannot be used on laybys or other debtor accounts.
  15. MelcoLanhams Rewards Program records are managed by MelcoLanhams IT System and are available to the MelcoLanhams Rewards Member upon request and presentation of identification.
  16. MelcoLanhams Rewards Points accrued at MelcoLanhams Stores are only available for redemption at MelcoLanhams Mitre 10 stores.
  17. MelcoLanhams Rewards Points are only redeemable in conjunction with any transaction which complies with the abovementioned conditions and may not be used for any other purpose or transaction.
  18. MelcoLanhams Rewards Points cannot be redeemed directly for cash.
  19. MelcoLanhams Rewards Program benefits do not accrue in conjunction with any other program or the use of any other discount card.
  20. MelcoLanhams reserve the right to cancel, add to, alter or exclude any conditions or benefits offered under their MelcoLanhams Rewards Program at any time without notice.
  21. MelcoLanhams Rewards Points will expire one year from when they are earned, if unused.
  22. MelcoLanhams collects your information in order to forward you details about products you may be interested in & to make special offers to you including special buys, exclusive offers and invitations to MelcoLanhams events. Completing this Rewards application acknowledges your consent to receiving information via e-mail from MelcoLanhams. If you do not wish to receive any promotional material, please send email stating so to
  23. Commencement date for ‘MelcoLanhams Rewards Program’ is 01/07/2009
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